As I Fall

Follows the unconventional relationship between a father and son as they cling to one another under the looming threat of addiction and separation.

Joachim is 25 years old. His charming smile veils the daily battle he fights within himself as he struggles to manage a heroin addiction. He smokes everyday and tries to quit almost every other. He hates the drug and the control it has over him, but it removes his pain. His loneliness. After years locked in a cycle of abuse, Joachim is on the verge of a breakdown. He gets an unexpected call from his ex-girlfriend, Maria. She’s been arrested and is worried about their 5-year-old son, Lukas. Joachim hasn’t seen Lukas since he was born, and she begs Joachim to take care of Lukas until she’s released. Without much of a choice and thinking it will only be for a few hours, Joachim agrees. To his own surprise Joachim wants to keep Lukas. He wants a reason to be the person he thinks he is – a responsible man. A sober man. A father.

'As I Fall' (Når jeg faller) is nominated in four categories for the Norwegian Amanda Awards 2019; Best director, best original music, best male actor and best supporting female actress.

  • Directing & Script Magnus Meyer Arnesen
  • Script Kristian Landmark
  • Cinematographer Ivar Taim
  • Producer Gyda Myklebust
  • Co-Producer Magnus Kristiansen
  • Productio Design Mirjam Veske
  • Editor Jaak Olino
  • Sound Designer Tamas Steger
  • Composer David Stephen Grant