Master of Fine Arts in Film

Master of Fine Arts in Film is only available for Scandinavian speaking applicants.

Master of Fine Arts in Film

This programme will provide the students a unique opportunity for artistic research within their discipline, in order to gain greater insight and experience, as well as further develop their own artistic sensibility and ability to communicate. It represents a creative co-operative room for critical and reflective discussion and competence development in a film and media landscape that is constantly changing.

The programme is focussing on methods and practices in the development of audiovisual stories within feature film, serial drama production, conceptual documentaries, as well as visual design.

The candidates will, after completing the programme, be able to take leadership in developing media products from idea to final concept and production. Furthermore, they shall be able to work methodically with a personal artistic voice and be innovative, original storytellers, as well as possessing powerful audiovisual expressive abilities.

The programme is a two-year full-time study that yields a total of 120 ECTS credits.

Fluency in one of the Scandinavian languages — Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish — is a requirement.

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Next application deadline is March 1. 2024 (for the period 2024-2026).

  • Application Deadline March 1. 2024
  • Programme start August, 2024
  • Location Oslo
  • Duration 2 years full time
  • Main language Norwegian
  • ECTS 120


Myrens verksted
Myrens verksted 6F
(Visiting 6F - Deliveries 6G)
0473 Oslo, Norway