VIPROS (Virtual Production Studies) is an externally funded artistic research project at The Norwegian Film School. The project is a collaboration between leading film, CGI and games educations, established to explore the virtual production concept and its ramnifications for the filmmaking process.

Images from tests carried out in the studio by the VIPROS team

Virtual Production is a film-making concept that relies heavily on games technology and allows filmmakers to combine live-action footage and computer generated images ( CGI ) in real-time. How does the combination of linear and iterative routines affect teams and workflows? Are we making films, games, or something in between, and what do we need to do in order to harness the powers of this new and rapidly emerging phenomenon?

The project explores the opportunities and challenges that virtual production entails for filmmakers and for film education. We look at how the development and production processes are affected when virtual production is applied and the skills gaps that are revealed. As an educational institution, we focus on the type of interdisciplinary activity and the type of training that are required to be able to exploit the potential of the new technology.


The project is financed through the Erasmus+ KA2 program.


The project has four main partners:

Other collaborators:

  • British Film Institute
  • Epic
  • mo-sys
  • Nordisk Film
  • NRK
  • SONY professional services


  • Project leader: Troels Linde (Professor and responsible for externally funded projects at The Norwegian Film School)
  • Kjell Vassdal (Head teacher of Cinematography and project leader at CEFIMA)
  • Sindre Sæbø (AV engineer at The Norwegian Film School)


01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023