How was it for you?

Something are left unsaid, but not in this film.

Did you come? Did you have an orgasm? That’s what sex is about, isn’t it?

Sophias has never had an orgasm. Ina fakes them, while Idun plainly states that she doesn’t come. How do these three women experience their own sexuality, when they can’t have an orgasm. And how does it affect their identity and love life? In this intimate and personal film, you will get a close up on these different stories, that together gives a greater picture and understanding of that the orgasm isn’t always a given. You will see some of the reasons behind the problem, and understand why it is so crucial that we can talk to each other about sex.

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  • Script & Directing Jo A.L. Kyhlensø
  • Camera Margret Vala Gudmundsdottir
  • Editor Mathilde Fridlund
  • Sound Anna Nilsson