Cowboys Don't Cry

In a small village as far north in Norway as you can get, Jimi runs the local cinema. His biggest passion in western films, which are his only reference to the world outside the cinema. He meets his first love in the Russian pub-singer Natasja, who breaks into his fiction world and makes it real. Jimis world consists of film-dialogue and cowboy behaviour – but will this be enough for the love of his life?

-You won't find love on the movie screen

Jimi's world is made up by movie lines and cowboy manners - But will this be enough to keep the love of his life?

  • Director Egil Pedersen
  • Screenplay Jørn Kurt Bergo
  • Cinematographer Johan F. Bødtker
  • Producer Moa Westeson
  • Sound Design Gry Beate Haugholt
  • Editor Simen Gengenbach