Hidden (Bakkeflyvere)

Jonas is a spontaneous 16-year old, breaking the living room window of his beloved Tone to introduce himself to her. The first sparks of a love affair is in the air, but on a secret visit, Jonas witnesses Tone being sexually abused by her father. Jonas is shocked and disturbed by the sight, but wont let go of Tone. She tries to avoid him, but he manages to approach her again. He experiences intense feelings for her, and they both try to ignore Tone’s secret. But Jonas soon realizes that their relationship is based upon some heavy premises, which makes it impossible to truly live their love. He must release Tone from her demons, and he tries to take on a battle, without knowing what he is fighting.

The story is about intense love, will to fight for it and the feeling of insufficiency when it does not succeed.

  • Director Stian Kristiansen
  • Screenwriter Kathrine Valen
  • Cinematographer Tonje Louise Finne
  • Producer Magnus Thomassen
  • Sound Designer Rune Hansen
  • Editor Lars Apneseth