Artistic Research Café is a monthly, open meeting place where The Norwegian Film School presents its current artistic research projects.
Here, innovative work within several different subjects and themes are on display, like artificial intelligence, VR, interactive documentary, games, and experimental filmmaking.

It's an exciting time for audiovisual formats, where both changing media habits and technological progress create new opportunities for engaging storytelling. In this extremely creative phase we're in, storytellers from all fields can experiment and learn a lot from each other. Therefore, The Norwegian Film School wishes to open its doors to invite both the industry and the interested public in, so that everybody can participate in a common exploration of new ideas and projects.

A new dynamic is created when students and artists with different professional backgrounds create meeting places with overlapping fields of competence and work together. Such a broad mix of competence is also representative for the media world we will face in the time to come, and which our future students will work in.

With Artistic Research Café, we wish to build an inclusive and creative space that will strengthen both The Norwegian Film School as an institution, and the Norwegian film industry as a whole.

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