Finding Frida Finding Frida

Sometimes you have to lose yourself – to find yourself

Back story

A cold winter’s morning in 1883, young Frida Hansen, a privileged wife, and mother of three, walks into her winter-garden and snatches off a precious, white camellia. She presses it firmly between the pages of a bible. «It was a funeral,» she says, years later. «Now I have buried my passion for flowers, perhaps the whole of my previous life.»

The night before, Frida has been informed that the family company has been declared bankrupt. In addition to all her worldly goods, within two years, she tragically loses two of her children in town epidemics.

Over the years, Frida Hansen reinvents herself and becomes an internationally acclaimed tapestry artist at a challenging time in history as a working woman. Soon after her death, her career is mysteriously forgotten - until now.

maleri av kvinne som holder en bibel med en presset blomst i

Audience experience

Finding Frida is an animated immersive VR-experience where the expressive avant-garde artworks of Frida Hansen lead the audience into a beautiful, tactile world through the past and present, blending art and reality. Based on a true story, the experience explores the strength in us humans’ creative power through a virtual encounter with the forgotten artist’s ghost.

The audience is invited to explore a run-down house, where intuitive interactions can activate memories. Guided by a little girl, who we later understand is Frida’s great-great-granddaughter, we meet the artist as she lingers in her atelier, restless and conflicted. Encapsulated deep inside her, she carries with her the grief and losses that paradoxically became her creative driving force. As we interact with her and the environment, her tapestries open up as portals to a symbolic, imaginative world, where life events and art come together.

Through this virtual meeting in which the audience rediscover Frida’s world of art, she eventually comes to peace with her life and the role she was given. In return, the audience is encouraged to reflect on how creativity and freedom have impacted their lives.

maleri av kvinne i en solrik hage


The experience is intended as a room-scale installation. The tactility and partly transparent quality of Frida Hansen’s weaving technique is reflected both in the virtual world and in the physical set. The prototype will be developed for the Oculus Quest 2.

The project’s current status is tweaking of the script and concept in collaboration with the director, writer, producer, artists, and developers while preparing and securing funding for a prototype. If selected, the project’s prototype will premiere at IDFA DocLab, 2021. Part of the budget is already in place.

If, due to Covid-19, the work can not be presented in an exhibition space, it will be a headset experience only.

Tapestries coming to life, animated, fragile memories // Impression installation space: See-through, tactile, image-projection.


'Finding Frida' is directed by award-winning documentary maker Hilde K. Kjøs, and made possible through the collaboration with Stargate Media and producer Bjørn-Morten Nerland.

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