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Graduation film "Revisited" is a Student-Oscar winner

The 12th class graduation film 'Reunion' is one of the three winners of the 50th Student Academy Award and will be awarded gold, silver, or bronze during the awards ceremony in Hollywood on October 24th.

On on September 15th, the graduation film 'Revisited,' which was nominated as one of the seven finalists for the 50th Student Academy Award in August, was announced as one of the three winners in the Narrative Short category. During the awards ceremony in Los Angeles in October, we will find out whether it will receive gold, silver, or bronze.

'Revisited' is the graduation film of Iain Forbes (director and co-writer), Tøri Gjendal (producer), Lina Csillag (screenplay), Karoline Sødal Sellæg (cinematography), Brynhild Dagslott (production design), Natascha Ramlow Lerche-Jensen (editing), Marthe Straum Lie (sound), Richard Viken Klausmark (VFX). All of them graduated from the Norwegian Film School's class 12 last summer. The music is composed by Martin Raabe-Olsen, who studied film music at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

The Student Oscar has been awarded in Hollywood by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 1972, and among previous winners, we find Spike Lee and Robert Zemeckis. The Norwegian Film School won a Student Oscar in 2011 with 'Tuba Atlantic,' directed by Hallvar Witzø from class 6, and now it's class 12's turn to make the trip to Hollywood.

Gjensyn i skogen Foto Tøri Gjendal

Director Iain Forbes with lead actress Thea Sofie Loch Næss during the filming of 'Revisited' (Photo: Tøri Gjendal).

A Personal Story

"Revisited" tells the story about when Tyra (played by Thea Sofie Loch Næss) returns to visit her family on the 20th anniversary of her beloved father’s death. Everything changes when her Dad comes knocking on the door that same evening - forcing the family to examine what grief has done to them.

The short film is based on Iain's own experiences with grief.

-The starting point for the story was very personal, as the film is about my reflections on the grief I have for my father, who died when I was 13, and how grief affects a family relationship, the director stated in a previous interview with the Film School.

1 Gjensyn

The main character in 'Revisited' played by Thea Sofie Loch Næss (Photo from the film: Karoline Sødal Sellæg).

"It feels surreal."

We had a chat with the director and co-screenwriter Iain Forbes about receiving the happy news.

Hvordan kjennes det å være student-Oscar vinner?

-Det føles først og fremst surrealistisk, og det var først etter jeg hadde sett at det sto svart på hvitt i Variety og Hollywood Reporter at jeg innså både at det faktisk var sant og hvor stort det var. Teamet har vært så glade over dette, men reisen fra semifinale til seier har og vært psykisk utmattende - i to måneder har jeg sjekker mailen konstant. Så det blir også litt nervepirrende å få den endelige plasseringen i LA. Men det at vi uansett er blant vinnerne er jo helt fantastisk

How does it feel to be a Student Oscar winner?

-It feels surreal, and it wasn't until I saw it written in Variety and Hollywood Reporter that I realized that it was actually true and how significant it was. The team has been so happy about this, but the journey from the semifinals to victory has also been mentally exhausting. I've been constantly checking my email for two months. It will also a bit nerve-wracking to receive the final award in LA, but the fact that we in any case are one of the winners is absolutely fantastic."

Who will you be taking with you to LA to receive the award?

-There are several members of the team who hope to make the trip, but it's still a bit uncertain depending on travel expenses. We are eagerly awaiting more information about what will happen down there.

How did you receive the news?

-Two days before the public announcement, I was invited to an interview by the Student Oscars. According to them, the purpose was to "hear what it feels like to be an Oscar finalist" and to give us the opportunity to talk about our film. They called it a "conversation opportunity." What does it feel like to wait for the news about who gets to go to LA as a winner?

-I didn't quite register the fact that it was just me and two others from the Narrative category who were invited. Instead, I was convinced that this conversation meant the end of the Oscar adventure for now. A conversation with those who were not going to win.

-So the shock was even greater when the person leading the conversation launched his final question: 'What would you say if I told you that all three of you are already the medalists?' My heart started pounding, I was completely breathless. Fortunately, it wasn't a joke. We have won a Student Oscar, and with that, 'Revisited' qualifies for submission to the main Oscar competition."

Gjensyn Fest opptak Foto Tøri Gjendal

From the shoot of 'Revisited' (Photo: Tøri Gjendal)

The Film School congratulates Iain and the entire team on the victory and wishes them good luck in Los Angeles.

Gjensyn i skogen Foto Tøri Gjendal

Director Iain Forbes with lead actress Thea Sofie Loch Næss during the filming of 'Revisited' (Photo: Tøri Gjendal).

1 Gjensyn

The main character in 'Revisited' played by Thea Sofie Loch Næss (Photo from the film: Karoline Sødal Sellæg).

Gjensyn Fest opptak Foto Tøri Gjendal

From the shoot of 'Revisited' (Photo: Tøri Gjendal)

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Oscar-silver to graduation film!

Class of 12's graduation film "Revisited" received a Student Academy Award last night. Director Iain Forbes and almost the entire team received the silver award during the ceremony in LA.

Iain og Tøri

Rapport fra LA og Student-Oscar

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