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Imagining a liberated Palestine - Dalia AlKurys presents her artistic PhD outcome Photo: Still from "What if a tree? What if a crow?" by D. AlKury / generated by AI artist Rezan Ærdem

What kind of cinematic images can arise from imagining a liberated Palestine? Filmmaker Dalia AlKury approaches the documentary genre as a way of commanding, not only documenting, reality through the active and radical imagining of justice and accountability. On April 18th at Kunstnernes Hus, she presents the artistic outcome of her PhD.

Imagining Liberation is a practice-based artistic research project with the aim of investigating methods in speculative nonfiction. This project begins with a question: What kind of cinematic images can arise from imagining a liberated Palestine?

Dalia AlKury’s interest in staging simulated pasts in her earlier documentaries and then staging speculations of futures during her PhD practice based research, stems from a deep frustration with the lack of art imagining a world that she hopes is possible. Both practices—staging in documentary and speculative fiction—are deeply rooted in posing the question “What if?,” to offer another possible world or narrative. Her work combines these approaches in the realization of her own method in speculative multitemporal nonfiction.

The final artistic results of Dalia's PhD research are informed by grievances over the historical and present day witnessing of settler–colonial violence and ethnic cleansing of her people, as well as by personal lived experiences of the loss of a homeland.

By staging her own fictional return to a liberated Palestine in different modes from writing to filming, Dalia runs into ethical dilemmas questioning her self-censorship, representation of “others” and the role of cinematic catharsis. This screening will showcase her short films, video diaries and narrative experiments throughout her research.

Practical info about the screening:

What: Screening of the short films, video diaries and narrative experiments that form the artistic outcome of Dalia AlKurys PhD research at The Norwegian Film School.

When: Thursday April 18th, from 18-20

Where: Kinosalen i Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo

Registration/tickets (free): https://nettskjema.no/a/42164

Dalia Al Kury

About Dalia AlKury

Dalia AlKury is a PhD candidate at The Norwegian Film School. She is an acclaimed film director whose work navigates cross-genre storytelling. Her films explore the resilience and political unconscious of the everyday hero in the Arab World and has been shown at IDFA and other festivals around the world. She holds an MA from Goldsmiths, University of London. Imagining Liberation is her artistic PhD research.

Dalia Al Kury

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