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T.A.K.E. - Industry seminar on IP, AI and ownership

"The clock is ticking. The only solution is a new ecosystem," says the renowned American indie producer Ted Hope on how we can secure ownership of our future audiovisual storytelling.

Ted Hope, who has won multiple Oscars and Sundance Grand Jury Awards and also has a background as Head of Production at Amazon Studios from 2014-2020, will be a keynote speaker at the seminar in Oslo on February 28th -29th.

The Norwegian Film School, the Faculty of Audiovisual Media, the Norwegian Film Institute and Virke produsentforeningen welcome you to two inspiring days where we will discuss the future of an industry that is becoming increasingly complex, with strong global commercial players, the use of artificial intelligence, and new models for financing and distribution. We pose the big question: Is it possible to secure ownership of our future audiovisual narratives?


What: Industry seminar T.A.K.E (technology-art-knowledge-exchange)

When: February 28-29. 2024

Where: Myrens Verksted 6F (entrance by the Akerselva river), Oslo

Registration: Registration is now closed.


Note: The program will be in Norwegian on the first day of the seminar, but on the second day the majority of the sessions are in English.


DAY 1: What Now?

09:15: Frederick Howard (Producer and CEO of Storm Films): About IP in a new media reality where the major tech giants own more and more rights. Do we want to, or can we, change this trend? The robustness and survival possibilities of IP.

09:30: IP ownership and current trends. Through case studies, producers gives us insight into their different approaches to the development of IP, financing, and distribution:

  • "TROLL" presented by Motion Blur with Espen Horn
  • "ASKEPOTE" presented by Storm Film with Frederick Howard
  • "ALBA AND FINITO" presented by Stig and Stein with Stig Haug
  • "HANDLING THE UNDEAD" presented by Einarfilm with Kristin Emblem and Guri Neby.

Moderator: Vibeke Skistad, Euforia film distribution

What are the missed opportunities, consequences of platform collaboration in the face of limited audiences, IP and ownership, and how do audience preferences change unconsciously due to content accessibility? Panel discussion and interaction with the audience.

10:45: Break

11:15: On why a film idea lives a better life as an IP: ALBA AND FINITO presented by Stig Haug, Stig og Stein.

12:30: LUNCH

13:30: Intellectual property rights issues from a legal perspective by Christian With, Bing Hodneland

14:00: Complexities around IP/AI – in a future perspective: Christian With reflects on where we are now, what happened in the US? Are we prepared for this scenario in Norway?

14:30: Break

14:45: What is happening in Europe? Status on a Pan-European network from a European perspective. Gudny Hummelvold in conversation with Alexandra Lebret, Managing Director of the European Producers Club (Alexandra via zoom).

15:15: On the significance of the technological revolution for future grant programs. Kjersti Mo, Norwegian Film Institute and Liselott Forsman from Nordic Film and TV-Fund in conversation with Elisabeth Sjaastad, leader of Norsk Filmforbund.

16:00: On the need for an industry education within AI. By Leif Holst Jensen.

16:15: Moderator Karin Julsrud thanks the participants for the first day, connecting the dots back to ownership/models for the development of film/series projects: "Have the models we are working from today become outdated if we want ownership of our future audiovisual storytelling?" This will be the theme for the second day.

DAY 2: The New Near Future

09:00: Welcome and introduction of Ted Hope, Oscar-winning independent producer and former Head of Production for Amazon Studios. Hope is a prominent and central voice in the international film political debate, notably through "Hope for Film," where he airs his concerns about the future of independent film storytelling. "The clock is ticking, we are running out of time," says Hope.

09:05: Keynote 1: Ted Hope “We have no choice but to build our own house” - about creating an entirely new ecosystem. (In English)

10:00 Break

10:15: Keynote 2: Tatjana Samopjan, creative consultant in the European market. A fresh perspective on the stories the future screenwriter should address and what we can safely leave to AI. (In English)

11:15: Break

11:30: Keynote 3: Alan Milligan, producer at White Rabbit. How to make technology our best friend. "The five billion fans opportunity - an independent and sustainable film industry is possible." (In English)

12:15: LUNCH

13:00: Keynote 4: Miguel Faus, producer and director at Calladita Film: on financing the first international film success funded via NFTs (non-fungible tokens). (In English)

13:50: Break

14:00: Solutions from the Nordic gaming industry by Bendik Stang, Creative Director of Snowcastle Games. On IP – and active use of AI – as the only viable future economic solution. Why is the film industry so far behind?

14:20: Where will the future funding come from? Kjetil Lismoen in conversation with Ted Hope. (In English)

14:50: Pause

15:00 How can we adapt our cultural policies to our current situation? Roundtable discussion moderated by Kjetil Lismoen with Ingvild Giske (Medieoperatørene), Ivar Køhn (Rubicon), Åse Kringstad (Virke produsentforeningen) og Morten Christoffersen (Nordisk Film distribusjon) (In Norwegian).

How do we ensure that what is produced in Norway has Norwegian content and is accessible to a Norwegian audience, and that those currently are producing Norwegian films and series have a chance to survive as companies independent of the large international players? (In Norwegian)

16:00: A glimpse into the future - by Stein Kvae, Paradox (In Norwegian)

16.30: Thanks to all participants, both on stage and in the audience.

Registration and Practical Information

The seminar takes place at the Norwegian Film School's premises at Myrens verksted (entrance by Akerselva) in Oslo, on February 28th and 29th, 2024.

We welcome producers, distributors, industry organizations, and other active industry professionals, as well as students and faculty members from educational institutions.

Registration is now closed.

The seminar is organized by the Norwegian Film School and the Faculty of Audiovisual Media at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with the Norwegian Film Institute and Virke produsentforeningen.





«Den eneste løsningen er et helt nytt økosystem. Klokken tikker» (Ted Hope)

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