In a near future, a young girl is meeting her donor-father for the first time. Together they go through experimental therapy exercises, in the hope of making their relation more than just a theory.

Elin is a donor child, growing up with two mothers, and zero contact with her biological father. After turning eighteen, Elin is finally given the opportunity to meet him. At the F.A.R clinic they specialize in facilitating the first meeting between donor-father and child, sending them through customized therapy exercises to make up for lost time and thus give the relationship a kickstart. For Elin however, the first meeting with her unknown father proves to be more complex than she had ever imagined. “Papapa” is a humorous story about emotions and expectations, and how these do not always live up to each other.

  • Script Emil Flornes Wahl
  • Director Kerren Lumer-Klabbers
  • Producer Jeppe Wowk
  • Cinematographer Uffe Mulvad
  • production Design Signe K. Nymann
  • VFX Joakim T.S. de Flon
  • Editor Linn Heidi Slåttøy
  • Sound Vilde Hagestande