Love you too

Semir has spent the last ten years living in his homeland Bosnia and in Norway. With a wife and child both in Mostar and in Lillehammer, unaware of each others existence, he is living a double life. After an accident, Semir wakes up to two confused families in the hospital. How can he choose between two families, two lives or two contries?

The main character Semir is played by the Serbian actor Sergej Trifunovic, against Anna Dworak and Maja Lasic as his wifes.

Norwegian title: Elsker deg også

  • Director Dino Murselovic
  • Screenplay Jadranko Mehic
  • Cinematography Jørgen Wetaas Bull
  • Producer Eva Anker-Rasch Stom
  • Production Design Ada Hesjevoll
  • Sound Design Tor Håvard V. Strand
  • Editor Anette Ruud Andersen