Strange Fisk

Margrethe have served fish casserole in her local diner for years. One day the lovely Julia unexpectedly opens a Sushi Bar next door to the diner, and Margrethe takes up the fight against this strange new way of eating fish.

On a tiny wind-swept island in the North-sea, Margrethe and her husband Dag-Gunnar have served their famous traditional fish stew in their local diner for years. Since Her Majesty Queen Sonja visited the island in the mid 90-ties and complimented Margrethe on her special receipt, she has always dreamed of expanding her business to the closed doen fish factory next door - but just never gotten around to it. That is until one day the lovely Julia and her Japanese boyfriend unexpectedly move in to the fish factory and opens up a modern sushi bar. Mobilized into action, Margrethe decides to take up the fight against the young upstarts and their strange new way of eating fish.

Norwegian title: Framand fisk

  • Director Mikal Hovland
  • Screenplay Helena Nielsen
  • Cinematographer Maja Holand
  • Producer Isak Eymundsson
  • Production Design Hanne Steien
  • Sound Design Daniel Lindvik
  • Editor Stian Kjørstad