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Artistic Research Café - 29. nov. 2021: OFF-PISTE WIP

Welcome to Artistic Research Café at the Norwegian Film School for an exclusive peek at the work-in-progress prototypes developed at Off-Piste Lab 2021 VR-Hackathon.

When & Where: Myrens Verksted in Oslo (Sandakerveien 24C, entrance from Akerselva), Monday Nov 29th, 2-4:30 pm.


  • The creatives that participated at Off-Piste 2021
  • Elin Festøy / Norwegian Interactive Storytellers

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At this month's AR Café, we are excited to give you a first peek at the work-in-progress VR-projects fresh from this year’s Off-Piste 2021. We invite you to learn about the experiences, learnings, and, most importantly, meet the talents of this year’s Lab.

Off-Piste is a Virtual Reality collaborative seminar and hackathon, where 20 creatives from different artistic fields meet up for several iterations to develop a virtual reality experience.

Off-Piste was first initiated in 2019 by the Norwegian Film School’s CEFIMA centre, together with the Norwegian Film Institute and with the support of Innlandet Fylkeskommune, VRINN and Østnorsk Filmsenter. This year's lab is also supported by Viken Filmsenter and Høgskolen i Innlandet. The intention is to provide creatives from all over Norway an innovative lab for learning and broadening their skills within VR and interactivity, while meeting like-minded people from different artistic fields and being guided by some of the most experienced pioneers within the VR scene.

At this AR café, five Off-Piste participants will present their works in progress, created during Off-Piste 2021, and give us a walk-through of these VR-experiences – in their early stages.

After the presentation, we invite the audience to a conversation about the next stages of project development, such as partnering up with relevant producers, finding more talents to join your project, getting development funding and joining other labs to continue the work.

Finally, Elin Festøy, one of the mentors of this year's lab, will introduce us to Norwegian Interactive Storytellers, a community that includes participants of the previous Off-Piste 2019, and give us an opportunity to hear about the status of their projects and experiences.

We invite all partners, students, artists and creatives, as well as other filmmakers and developers interested in or curious about storytelling in VR, to join us for an inspiring evening.

Read more about the Off-Piste Lab here.

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Monday Nov 29th at 2 PM UTC+01 – 4:30 PM UTC+01

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