Poster, black with the folllowing white text: Lone Wolves Stick Togheter - an artistic research on roleplay and VR design immersive exhibition 25 - 26.11.23 from 13 to 18, The Norwegian Film School, Myrens Verksted. Nadia Lipsyc.

"Lone Wolves Stick Together" immersive exhibition

PhD candidate Nadia Lipsyc explores immersive and interactive narration, VR and live action roleplaying (larp). November 25th to 26th, you can experience the artistic outcome of her PhD in an immersive exhibition at the Norwegian Film School in Oslo.

"Lone Wolves Stick Together" is an immersive and narrative multimedia exhibition presented by the Norwegian Film School and Alibier, with the support of Oslo Kommune, based on PhD candidate Nadja Lipsyc's art-research project of the same name.

The exhibition is open from 13-18 on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of November 2023 at at The Norwegian Film School at Myrens Verksted 6F in Oslo (entrance by Akerselva).

Through the exhibition, the artistic outcome of Nadja Lipsyc's PhD will be available for public viewing.

An expedition into strange Woods

The audience takes on the role of a a fictional character who embarks on an expedition into strange Woods, hoping to find a mysterious Chamber, where their most intimate desires would come true. Inspired by the film Stalker by Tarkovsky (1979), the storyline plays with the question of miracles and escapes: do we truly want reality to be tailored to our desires?

The exhibition is a succession of five installations, or narrative acts: Doubts, Nostalgia, Disillusion, Despair and Truth, which the audience visits in chronological order. Each installation comprises elements of immersive scenography, soundscapes and projections of previous iterations of the project.

In between each installation, the visitor returns to “the Woods” and listens to the stream of thoughts of the character they’re following, through headsets. At the end of their journey, the visitors can decide whether their character should open the door to the Chamber in hopes of finding a virtual paradise, or go back to their lives.

Person in a stylized cardboard wolf mask in a blue light.

Lone Wolves Stick Together

Exhibition credits

Nadja Lipsyc with

Lead Production Designer: Brynhild Dagslott
Production Designer:
Fredrik Teige Skrattegård
Sound Installation:
Trond Lossius
Light Designer:
Jon Werede Hope

Exhibition built with the help of: Siri Langdalen, Liv Sørlien, Pedro Zapata Hagen, Sindre Sæbø Svensson and Johannes Selvaag from Den norske filmskolen, as well as Roy Karlsbakk and Hans-Gerhard Meier.
Content from:
Nadja Lipsyc, Den norske filmskolen students kull 11 (full credits on site), Breach VR, Martin Fryklund, Kjell Vassdal
Research supervisors:
Christy Dena, Siri Langdalen
Exhibition acknowledgements:
thanks for the extra support/hand/material of Fredrik Graver, the DNF PhD fellows, Trond Lossius, Linda Tangen Bjørge, the administrative staff of the school, Daniel Eugene Lacey-McDermott, Magnar Müller Perstølen (& father), Anders Gredal Berner, Ane Marie Anderson and Martin Nielsen

Practical info

What: Lone Wolves Stick Together - Immersive exhibition

When: Saturday November 25th and Sunday 26th, from 13 to 18.

Where: In the studio at The Norwegian Filmschool at Myrens Verksted 6F (entrance by Akerselva)

Person in a stylized cardboard wolf mask in a blue light.

Lone Wolves Stick Together

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