International exchange programs

Innlandet University College encourages internationalization through student exchange, internships (also after graduation) and employee mobility and offer scholarships for both students and staff.

Internships abroad

  • Students can apply for internships abroad, also after graduation.
  • Both Bachelor and Master students can apply.
  • The internship will last from 2 to 12 months and only covers countries in the EU.
  • Students must find an internship themselves. It should be a paid internship or trainee position, and not a regular job position. The monthly scholarship from HINN during the internship period is limited to 560 - 660 EUR, depending on the country (rates for 2021/2022), and Lånekassen does not cover internships that are not part of degrees. Semester fee must be paid to HINN to receive a scholarship.
  • The application deadline is May 1st 2022 (the internship agreement must then be available). A non-binding interest in participating in the scheme should be reported to HINN by February 1sr. There will be an open information meeting at HINN in January 2022 and we are trying to organize an information meeting at the Film School as well.

Student exchange

  • The Film School has entered into an agreement on an exchange for master's students and research fellows with Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH).
  • The stay must last for a minimum of three months, but in special cases a two-month stay can also be approved.
  • Application deadline: 15 February for exchange in the autumn semester and 15 September for exchange in the spring semester (PhD students can also participate in the exchange with SKH through the employee mobility program outside the application deadlines).
  • In addition to SKH, it is possible to go on an exchange to all universities with which HINN has an agreement, if they also have a relevant study program.

Employee mobility

  • Through the Erasmus + program, employees can travel on exchange stays to teach or receive training. This applies to both academic employees, including PhD students, and employees in technical-administrative positions.
  • Training stays cover the following activities: job shadowing / observation, workshops / courses / seminars, staff training weeks (participation in major conferences or trips to partner institutions to establish / maintain institutional collaboration is not covered). Duration: 2 days to 2 months.
  • Teaching stays: At least 8 hours of teaching per week. Duration of stay: 2 days to 4 weeks.
  • Countries outside Europe are not covered by the program.
  • Scholarship rates: 87-112 EUR per day. Travel expenses: 20-1500 EUR. (2021/2022)
  • No application deadline.