Thumbnail Uli Hanish photo by Anne Lena Michels

Open Masterclass: Production Designer Uli Hanisch from Babylon Berlin Photo: Anne-Lena Michels

Production Designer Uli Hanisch is in Oslo in connection with the Series Days. On Friday October 1st he visits The Norwegian Film School on Myrens Verksted to talk about the popular neo noir series Babylon Berlin.


For dem som ikke hadde anledning til å komme på Uli Hanisch masterclass, var Rushprints Alexander Huser til stede og intervjuet Hanisch i etterkant av arrangementet. I dette intervjuet kan du lese om hans arbeid på Queens Gambit og Babylin Berlin (krever abonnement):

On Friday, October 1st at 1-3pm we have the pleasure of inviting you to meet Uli Hanisch, Production Designer behind Babylon Berlin and The Queens Gambit. Hanisch will be visiting Oslo in connection with the Series Days (Seriedagene) on Thursday September 30, where he will focus on The Queens Gambit, the Netflix miniseries for which he recently won an Emmy.

In collaboration with the Series Days, Hanisch will also come to the Film School. With us, he will discuss his work with the popular neo noir series Babylon Berlin in a Masterclass where he will have time to give us a more in-depth look on his process.

Babylon Berlin is a period drama, currently in its third seasons, which is set in the decadent 1920s of the Weimar Republic. The series set viewer records in Germany and the UK and is the most expensive non-English language series ever produced. Babylon Berlin was praised by critics for its extravagant visual expression. The Guardian writes: "Like all the best dramas, Babylon Berlin creates a world so believable that you feel almost as if you are stepping into it rather than simply watching it."

Moderator is Eli Bø, Production Designer and professor of design for film and media at Stockholm University of the Arts.

The event is the first of several Masterclasses that will be announced here and on social media and be open to students, alumni and industry professionals. Welcome to the Film School's premises at Myrens Verksted to dive into Hanisch's lavish visual world!

About Uli Hanisch: Hanisch has been a professor of production design at the International Film School in Cologne since 2018. He has collaborated extensively with Tom Tykwer and in 2007 received several awards for best production design for Tykwer's Perfume. He is the production designer behind numerous successful films and series, including Cloud Atlas and Babylon Berlin, and he recently won an Emmy for his work on The Queen's Gambit.

Read more about Uli Hanisch' projects on his web site.

About Eli Bø: Bø is a professor of design for film and media at Stockholm University of the Arts. She has led design education for film at a number of film schools and universities in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom and has also worked at the Norwegian Film School. She researches methods for narrative design and how space, place, architecture and objects are affected as storytelling tools in new digital formats, platforms, and virtual production processes.

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