Lone Wolves Stick Together Lone Wolves Stick Together

Lone Wolves Stick Together is a Virtual Reality project for six players, that explores the possibilities of combining 360 Film and Animation with LARP and video games tools for interactivity, embodiment, interpretation, and participatory fiction.

Nadja Lipsyc's project aims to develop methods that can be applied to digital and physical 360 experiences.

'Lone Wolves Stick Together' is inspired by the movie 'Stalker' by Andrey Tarkovsky, using similar themes and surreal settings to investigate one main question: Is it worth cheating fate to fulfil our deepest desires?

The art-research will emphasize four main hypotheses:

1. Virtual and physical 360 experiences – such as LARP - can be the model for one another.
2. World building and environmental design allow to create different variations of experiences, making projects more accessible and more sustainable.
3. VR and MR are a fertile ground for unforeseen collaborative storytelling.
4. “Immersivism”, or the quest of hyper-engaging experiences, is a form of hedonism that requires an ethical reflection.

By comparing the physical and virtual experience of identical settings, this research also investigates the epistemological opposition between realism and anti-realism. Finally, this project will also support the creation of a VR Blackbox open source tool, to be used by all communities of performance artists: LARP, theatre, performance art, etc

The project Lone Wolves Stick Together has been presented and documented on several occasions.
See pictures and more in this previous article (in Norwegian only):
'Slik bygges en verden tilpasset Virtual Reality'.

External links:

  • Mask design, 3D images, studio photos, and more from creative technologist Rafal Hanzl
  • Project- and experience description at cefima.org
  • Set pictures, construction blueprints, and more from production designer Signe Krab Nymann
  • More images from production designer Hallvard Hellem
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