Nordicil Nettverk

The Nordic film school network NORDICIL was established in 1991 and has member schools from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and Iceland as an observer.

The network is currently coordinated by The Norwegian Film School and was until recent coordinated by ELO Helsinki film school (at the Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Film, Television and Scenography). NORDICIL has agreed a strategy to expand and therefore two other Finnish universities of applied sciences, Metropolia and Arcada and also Westerdals ACT from Norway now have joined the network.

The aim of NORDICIL is to enable and facilitate collaboration between member schools by exchanging information, inspiration and best practices. We try to build a shared understanding and infrastructure for the education in audiovisual field. The knowledge on each others practices helps to implement collaborative training initiatives, developmental projects and mobility.

The role of NORDICIL has increased during the last decades for two reasons. The accelerated development of digital technology and the expansion of the so-called creative industries set requirements for the future education. It is important to work together to strengthen the basis of Nordic film and audiovisual industry and to ensure employment possibilities for the Nordic film school graduates.


  • Academy of Dramatic Arts (SE, Stockholm University)
  • Academy of music and drama (SE, Göthenburg University)
  • Aalto (FI, University)
  • Metropilia (Fi, University College)
  • Tampere (FI, University College)
  • The National Filmschool of Denmark
  • The Norwegian Film School (Inland Norway University)
  • Westerdals Oslo ACT (NO, University College)
  • Icelandic Film School (observer)
  • Turku University College (Fi, observer)