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The Film School wants to reach new talents through workshop with Hisham Zaman Photo: Hisham Zaman on set of the feature "A Happy Day"

Are you planning to apply for admission to the Norwegian Film School and need to strengthen your filmmaking skills? In June and August, Hisham Zaman leads a free film workshop for young director talents. The workshop is held on the film school's premises at Myrens Verksted in Oslo and is open to anyone between 18-30 years, but applicants with a minority background will be given priority.

About the workshop

Through a film workshop led by filmmaker Hisham Zaman, a former teacher at the Norwegian Film School, young director talents will gain basic knowledge in visual storytelling. The workshop is held on the film school's premises at Myrens Verksted in Oslo over two weekends in June and one week in August and includes the production of a short film. The aim is to give the participants the opportunity to explore the filmmaking craft and strengthen their application for further film education. Participants will receive basic training in screenwriting, directing actors, processing of visual concept, cinematography and editing.

The workshop is free and open to everyone, but we will prioritize applicants with a minority background.

The workshop is aimed at young director talents between the ages of 18-30 who have ambitions of working with film.

The workshop will take place June 18-19, June 25-26 and august 15-19 2022 on the premises of The Norwegian Film School at Myrens verksted, Sandakerveien 24 C.

Experiences from Hisham's former students:

"Hisham is a very generous person, both when it comes to sharing his professional knowledge as a teacher, but also when it comes to creating an authentic and personal language through artistic practice with his students. Hisham understands how to see the individual and is not afraid to dive into what is hiding there. "

Sigurd Bleken, direction student at The Norwegian Film School

"One of my favorite courses was" The Speed Movie. "The course challenged me to use my intuition and my analytical skills. He poses sharp questions that make me think and he always looks for quality in my visual vision. "

Mohamed Chakiri, former student at The Norwegian Film School

"To me Hisham has been one of the most important, if not the most important teacher at the Norwegian Film School. He showed me that a story is something you already have, and that the craft is something you learn.

It was Hisham who opened up the personal story for me, which is the most important thing we have as filmmakers. "

Tess Zoë, student at The Norwegian Film School

The background for the workshop

The initiative for the workshop comes from Hisham Zaman and Åse Svenheim Drivenes, filmmakers and former teachers at the Norwegian Film School, and is a collaboration between Hisham's production company Snowfall Cinema and the Norwegian Film School by Karin Julsrud. Åse is the project manager and is responsible for recruitment, planning and execution of the workshop. We have received support to carry out the workshop from Høgskolen i Innlandet (seed funds), Viken Filmsenter and Fritt Ord.

Hisham himself attended one of the film school's first cohorts (directing specialization, cohort 3) and has since directed several award-winning films. He has both taught at the film school and been part of the admissions committee:

- After sitting on admissions committees for aspiring students to the film school, we see that the influx of applicants with different cultural backgrounds is almost non-existent, says Hisham Zaman. We therefore offer a workshop aimed at young director talents who need to strengthen their application for higher film education or who are struggling to get their first grant.

-I believe that talent is about what stories you carry and your ability to convey these and that the film craft can be learned. We are convinced that there are stories and talents in Norway that do not find their way to the film school or to the established institutions.

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