Final Forever

Carmen (80) and her wife Nina (78) struggles to finish their homemade rocket, in their attempt to reach the speed of light and live forever. But when Carmen suffers from a heart attack, they realize their time is soon up. Either they leave now, or death will come for them.

Producers Note

«Final Forever» is a short film about life and love. A film with magical and magnificent elements, tucked away in a beautiful environment sheltered from the outside world, in the main characters' own little observatory. This is a film that should both feel innovative and at the same time address the endless theme of life and death.

Tess Quatri Richert is a director who will make an impact on the Nordic film industry in the coming years. With a broad international family, and growing up in Sweden, Norway, Spain, and some places on the African coast, she brings with her distinctive perspectives into a Scandinavian setting. Together with a unique magical-realistic and genre-heavy style, she contributes to shape projects that stand out visually and with a strong political and emotional sting. Final Forever is a prime example of the universes that Tess works with, where the artistic voice clearly shows that those who normally stand out from the rest can be more authentic than anyone else.

-Stian Skjelstad

Kontaktinfo og bio team:

Tess Quatri (regi), Stian Skjelstad (produsent), Levi Dubland (manus), Leander Håvik (foto), Camilla Lüders Weile (produksjonsdesign), Emil Wiker (klipp), Julie Nagell Hagen (lyd), Richard Viken Klausmark (VFX), Kristian Berget (VFX), Brage Raassum (VFX), Eirik Ørbech Schorpen (VFX)

  • Regi Therese Eriksen Richert
  • Produsent Stian Holt Skjelstad
  • Manus Levi Dubland
  • Foto Leander Håvik
  • Prouksjonsdesign Camilla Lüders Weile
  • Klipp Emil Wiker
  • Lyd Julie Nagell Hagen
  • Visuelle effekter Kristian Berget
  • Visuelle effekter Richard V. Klausmark
  • Visuelle effekter Eirik Ørbech Schorpen
  • Visuelle effekter Brage Raassum