Vebjørn (soon to be 30) has never had a girlfriend. He works as a mascot and ski instructor at a skiing resort. One day he crashes into the ski tourist, Polina, ruining her holiday. While he tries to make up for the accident, unexpected chemistry between the two arises. But Vebjørn’s anxiety around girls soon catches up with him, as he struggles to get over the idea that no one can like him in a romantic way.

Director's Note

I know quite a lot about being single. I'm just superdupermegagigasingel. Is there something about me that makes girls not like me "that way"? Or are the obstacles in my own head?

With this short film, we have tried to create a main character full of inner contradictions. A girlfriend is what Vebjørn dreams of the most. At the same time, he sabotages any situation that could have led to something romantic. The thought of being rejected is too scary - so it's safer to fool romance away with jokes and nonsense. Will Vebjørn ever dare to take the first step?

"Superdupermegagigasingel" is a sore and funny story about the scary and infinitely beautiful love. The aim of the film is to spread joy and hope, and show that all people are wonderful in their quirky and unique way. And we can all be loved, if we only dare to be vulnerable.

-Håkon Anton Olavsen

Håkon Anton Olavsen (director), Louise Beyer (producer), Sunniva Kviteberg (writer), Anna Fabricius (director of photography), Fredrik Skrattegård (production designer), Anna Løvlund (editor), Jakob Bechmann Hansen (sound)

  • Director Håkon A. Olavsen
  • Producer Louise Beyer
  • Writer Sunniva Kviteberg
  • Director of Photography Anna Fabricius
  • Production Designer Fredrik Skrattegård
  • Editor Anna Løvlund
  • Sound Jakob B. Hansen