Kosmos is a fragmented story without a main character, a constant journey from situation to situation. We experience small pieces of people’s lives and are confronted with their pains and sorrows. The film raises questions about the nature of humanity, the course of life, of vulnerability and openness, and of our role in the universe.

Director's Note

I wanted to make a film that makes the audience see the world and humanity in a larger perspective. In the hope of initiating a personal reflection on what it means to be human, our place in the universe and what is important to us in this life. Without a narrative, the film should be a cinematic experience that grabs the viewer emotionally with its audiovisual language. There should be room to fill in the narrative gaps with one's own life to create a personal and unique experience. Let the audience be a part of the storytelling and evoke emotions from within.

-Anders Davidsen

Producer's Note

Cosmos is a short film formed in a moment of vulnerability and creative will. The film wants to challenge the traditional narrative style in its structure and character portraits. An existential drama, an audiovisual journey that goes straight to the heart. In its extraordinary form, it takes a bold step forward towards the exploration of emotional presence on film, and how to best take advantage of creative freedom. The process shines through in the artistic expressions and has formed a team of filmmakers with a common vision. Throughout the film's journey, the audience will be able to reflect on their own lives, and notice in their bodies and minds what it is they are seeing.

-Oda Roth

Kontaktinfo og bio team:

Anders Davidsen (regi), Oda Roth (produsent),

Thomas Meldgaard (manus), Even Grimsgaard (foto), Maria Bro (produksjonsdesign),

Thomas Kristian Larsson (klipp), Ylva Elise Gulpinar (lyd)

  • Regi Anders Davidsen
  • Produsent Oda Roth
  • Manus Thomas R.S. Meldgaard
  • Foto Even Grimsgaard
  • Produksjonsdesign Maria Bro
  • Klipp Thomas K. Larsson
  • Lyd Ylva Gulpinar