When Tyra returns to visit her family, on the 20th anniversary of her beloved father’s death, everything changes when her Dad comes knocking on the door that same evening - forcing the family to examine what grief has done to them.

Director’s Note

Grief is one of the most certain things in life. How it affects us is always different, depending on what kind of loss we experience and at what age we first become acquainted with the reality of death. But ultimately it is a universal, human experience.

Sometimes shared grief, as felt by a family, can create a deep abyss; a distance seemingly impossible to cross, as one becomes unable to talk about one’s feelings. For how does one reconcile all the guilt and sadness that decades have built up?

Having lost my own father at a young age, I wished to tell a story where such barriers are broken, using the return of the dead father as a shocking catalyst for Tyra and her family, forcing them to re-examine what they’ve become. And how they can try to heal, if only they can begin to forgive each other for their human flaws – and express the love they feel deep in their heart.

For only the living can save us, after all.

-Iain Forbes

Team - contact info and bio:

Iain Forbes (director), Tøri Gjendal (producer), Lina Csillag (writer), Karoline Sødal Sellæg (director of photography), Brynhild Dagslott (production designer), Natscha Ramlow Lerche-Jensen (editor), Marthe Straum Lie (sound), Richard Viken Klausmark (VFX)

  • Director and co-writer Iain A.S. Forbes
  • Producer Tøri Gjendal
  • Writer Lina Csillag
  • Foto Karoline Sødal Sellæg
  • Production Design Brynhild Dagslott
  • Editor Natascha Lerche-Jensen
  • Sound Marthe Straum Lie
  • VFX Richard V. Klausmark