Girlfriend experience

Kath (25) is a sex worker in Oslo, with her best friend Andrea. But when Andrea decides to walk away, Kath tries to maintain their business on her own. But the presence of Andrea will not go away, and Kath is forced to face the parts of herself that she has fought to keep hidden away.

Directors statement

Eight years ago I stood as a young documentarist in front of two young women in Oslo, while they were planning the sale of the sexual service called "Girlfriend Experience". For 400 euros you could buy an hour with two "girlfriends" who could be whatever kind of girlfriend you wanted them to be. They were experts in understanding your needs, and I realized that they were selling much more than sex: They sold human contact and care.

In Girlfriend Experience I am inspired by the meeting I had with those women, their environment and their story. It's a film where we go on the inside of their close relationship, and the main characters experience of losing just that. Because what happens to the "Girlfriend" when she's the one who needs human contact and care?

  • Director Ingvild N. Dahlgren
  • Producer August Colding
  • Screenwriter Julie Macus
  • Cinematographer Marius Solberg
  • Produksjon Designer Olivia M. Scheibye
  • Editor Darta Stürite
  • Sound Designer Ester Lindberg