When the snow has melted

After Theo (10) loses his sister in an accident, he returns to school only to realize that something has changed: everyone is acting strangely around him.

Directors statement

I want to shed light on and share an experience I had as a child. Something that I myself call 'care exclusion.' After losing my brother in an accident, everyone began to behave strangely around me and were afraid to play with me. What do you do when everyone around you suddenly makes you the elephant in the room?

At the same time, you are in immense grief, but you don't find space for this grief because you just want to be a normal child and have fun, and you're not allowed to.
This feeling of frustration, helplessness, and suddenly being different is what I want to give insight into. Ultimately, I want to eradicate the taboo surrounding death and grief, and hope that our film can contribute to this. We must be able to talk about things!

  • Director Rasmus Sandager Nielsen
  • Producer Eline H. Speilberg
  • Screenwriter Atchy Konesh
  • Cinematographer Julie Mørch Honoré
  • Produksjon Designer Laura M. B. Tassicker
  • Editor Lea I. Hilden
  • Sound Designer Paula Franke