Whatever City

Ida bumps into her old music teacher from elementary school. This unexpected meeting sets off a journey through the city, introducing us to a couple of peculiar characters along the way. The day's curious events inspire Ida to envision a film.

Directors statement

I wanted the team and myself to set aside what we knew about proper dramaturgy and narrative rules, to see if we could create an engaging film built on gut feelings, intuitions, and hang-ups. That's probably why “Whatever City” ended up revolving around the freedom and accompanying vulnerability you expose yourself to when you don't build your narrative around the safe pillars of the rulebook.

I now see a film that, with a compassionate and wondering eye, tells a story of great doubt, slight hubris, and fragile ideas, through an odd cast of characters, and trivialities of varying sizes. It's about feeling misunderstood and about misunderstanding. And about throwing yourself into the world with what you have of childlike naivety and wavering enthusiasm in the hope of finding affirmation and meaning, but ultimately landing somewhere where you accept that the questions will always outnumber the answers.

But that's just me. It'll be exciting to hear about what everyone else sees.

  • Director Tobias Klemeyer Smith
  • Producer Kine Storflor Grøtt
  • Screenwriter Camilla Pavlikova Sandland
  • Cinematographer Mikkel Lyng-Jørgensen
  • Produksjon Design Rikke Seim Trana
  • Editor Mariel Melø Hansen
  • Sound Designer Sebastian Raft