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Artistic Research Café - 2021-05-31

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Monday, May 31 --- 2:00 PM UTC+02

Greening the industry - can VR/AR help?

Sustainable production in the audiovisual sector

Meet the future changemakers within VR and the audiovisual sector in this interesting upcoming talk


  • Maria Kluge ( - Green consultant/coordinator)
  • Mirjam West (ZHAW School of Engineering - Swirtzerland)
  • Richard Barlow (BAFTA winner - PROGRESS Interactive AR)
  • Fredrik Støbak (Producer, Stig og Stein)
  • Fredrik Ophein (

Hosted by:

Trond Lossius & Linda Steinhoff // Darshika Karunahara

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Research fellow Elin Festøy

Linda Steinhoff square

Host Linda Steinhoff

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Host Darshika Karunahara

How can we use new technologies to support sustainable change and development? And how can we think green within production and the development of new technology?

Our local and international guests will share their thoughts, and even showcase some interesting examples of development.
We will meet Mirjam West, who will be joining us live from Switzerland to show us what they have developed; find out what BAFTA winner Richard Barlow is working on; and we have invited Fredrik Opheim together with Maria Kluge, who is a fresh certified green consultant, to talk about the future possibilities of sustainable productions and locations.

More about our guests:

Mirjam West, BSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering and MSc in Environment and Natural Resources, is a research associate at the ZHAW Institute for Sustainable Development in Switzerland. She leads several virtual reality (VR) projects using 3D virtual environments and storytelling to explain complex concepts in an immersive way. For example, the VR game 'Virtual Energy Hero' takes you on an adventure in a hot air balloon, as you navigate through a virtual city and solve real-life problems related to the energy transition. The goal is to create new perspectives on abstract yet very everyday topics, and thus encourage people to become more involved with sustainability issues and take action.

Maria Kluge is Norway's first certified Green Consultant for the film and TV industry (IHK). She got her certification from the Academy of the Chamber of Commerce in Munich, and when she worked for the regional film fund Østnorsk filmsenter in Lillehammer, she became very interested in sustainability in the media field. That is why she started her own entrepreneurship with NORNE – Green Consulting and Service Production at Lillehammer in January 2021. Together with producer Anton J. Nyman, she offers green consulting for film productions, gives workshops and seminars, and facilitates film productions in Inland county.

Fredrik Opheim is a series entrepreneur, and has been the CEO of a film production company named Batfish from 2014 to 2020. Fredrik has a bachelor's degree in marketing and management from the University of Agder, and in 2020 he decided to look further into the process of location scouting. Uveil was founded as a result of his experience with the time- and resource intensive work of finding the right location for his next project. Uveil is an Airbnb-inspired platform for film and photo locations, where they connect private and commercial landlords to production companies, both nationally and internationally.

Richard Barlow is a BAFTA winner (for the game 'My Child Lebensborn'), based at the VRINN Immersive Learning Cluster. He is the CEO/Founder and Lead Developer of Progress Interactive, a social enterprise that makes cultural heritage and civically focused games for E-learning, research and societal issues. He also works part-time as a Research Assistant at NTNU.

Fredrik Støbakk holds a bachelor´s degree in copywriting from Westerdals School of Communications, and a bachelor´s degree in film production from The Norwegian Film School. He used to be part of the team at Storm Films before joining Ape&Bjørn in 2015 to focus on their drama projects. Fredrik´s productions include 'Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama', 'The Christmas King: In Full Armor', 'Match', 'Stolthet og forfall', 'Fjols til Fjells', and several notable shorts and documentaries.

Monday at 2 PM UTC+02

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Research fellow Elin Festøy

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Host Linda Steinhoff

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Host Darshika Karunahara

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