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Online event: “Beyond the obvious; a new approach to story conception”

Are you a writer, director, producer, industry professionals or film student and curious about LIMs idea development tools and approach? Join the free online event Friday May 5th to learn more about LIM and the upcoming LIM workshop.

When: Friday May 5th at 11:30 - 13:00:

Where: Online (zoom): Zoom link here.

Language: English

Target group: Writers, directors, producers, industry professionals or film students.

The Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) and the Norwegian Film School are offering up to nine Norwegian writers and writer-directors the opportunity to take part in an intensive screenwriting workshop at the Norwegian Film School in Oslo from June 18th to June 23rd, 2023. The LIM Boosting Ideas Workshop aims to help writers turn creative limitations into opportunities for innovation in script development.

On May 5th, we invite you to the free online event “Beyond the obvious; a new approach to story conception”, where LIM alumni and partners will share their experience and answer questions about LIM and the Boosting Ideas Workshop from their perspectives. This session is free and open to all applicants and suitable for writers, directors, producers, industry professionals and film students.

SpeakersAntoine Le Bos (Artistic Director of Le Groupe Ouest and LIM - Less is more, European Film Labs)Cecilie Aspenes (Film Commissioner Feature Films & Drama Series, LIM Developing Angel 2022)More speakers to be announced .



11:30- 11:40 - HINN and Nfi introduction

and Camille Ferrero — Head of International Relations

11:45- 12:25 - Antoine Le Bos

Antoine Le Bos (Artistic Director of Le Groupe Ouest and LIM - Less is more, European Film Labs) will delve into the script development process and how limitations can actually enhance creativity. We will look at the difference between conception and writing phases, and investigate methodological tools to boost the creative process, as well as present how prewriting is key.

12:25-12:40 Marja Bål Nango and Cecilie Aspenes about their LIM-experiences.

Cecilie Aspenes

Marja Bål Nango
Marja has participated both in the prewriting workshop and the LIM workshop.

12:40-12:45 – About the Call for application
(HINN and NFI)
- about the Boosting Idea, info on the application process and the deadline etc.

12:45 – 13:00 Q&A
with Camille Ferrero — Head of International Relations, NFI and HINN.

About LIM
LIM | Less is More is the European feature film development program for committed filmmakers in a changing world.At the heart of this adventure is the fundamental idea that using the concept of limitation is not only a matter of budget, but becomes a necessity both to enhance creativity and to rethink how independent cinema is conceived in a time of deep ecological and political concern.

About the Boosting Ideas Workshop

Please read more about the LIM Boosting Ideas Workshop (June 18th-23rd) and how to apply.

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