Creature Prosjektprogrammet

'Creature' is a project created by Signe Krab Nymann and Frederik L. Mikkelsen:
an in-depth study of the sensory and emotional quality of material and sound.

The installation will be a fully enclosed set, with physical and auditive surroundings acting as a sensitive being, having its own emotions and needs. An unknown species, that does not communicate through spoken language, but expresses its need for presence and physical care through sensations.

The idea of this project evolves from a previous collaboration with interactive role-playing and immersive design (Lone Wolves Stick Together, a LARP by Nadja Lipsyc), where we co-created an alternate space designed to take part in a structured narrative.

With this project we are challenging ourselves to break with the classically structured narrative we are primarily trained in at the Film school. Instead, the experience is built as a feeling, a sensory mood anchored in a physical space, possible to step into, influence and get influenced by.

We ask ourselves:

  • How do we create a physical space, that evokes an emotional connection to the surroundings?
  • What evokes an emotional connection, when interacting with physical surroundings, that acts to be a living, feeling creature?

Creature will express itself and communicate through the associative sensations it arouses in the visitor. This “associative language” will be based on our own research; a number of joint studies engaged into the effects and quality of material and sound, separate and in connection to each other. E.g. can sound make a compact material appear vulnerable?

Concrete experiences and results gained from these studies will be used into the installation and the intended effects.

Because of Covid-19, it was not possible to put the physical construction of the installation into realization.
Instead, the investigative work was put into a paper presentation, as well as the creation of a website, to present the ideas of the project.

Creature Kombucha 1 crop
Creature Gelatin crop