Directing Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking

The fiction directing BFA at the Norwegian Film School aims at developing directors who have a unique voice and vision, and are capable of being the artistic leader of a professional film- or tv-drama production in Scandinavia.

  • Studiested Lillehammer
  • Studielengde 3 år
  • Studiepoeng 180
  • Språk Norsk (Skandinavisk)

The director has the overall artistic responsibility for a film and audio-visual story. Through a combination of script analysis, mise en scene, working with actors, and developing an understanding of the interplay of image and sound, the director leads the joint creative powers of the film team. Directors also learn the basics of the technical and practical aspects of filmmaking.

The directing programme combines workshops and hands-on sessions with case studies and film and script analysis and adds a number of production exercises that address topics such as idea development, mise en scene, editing, and sound editing. There is major focus on developing artistic leadership and collaborative skills, while at the same time developing a personal voice and style.

Career prospects

After graduation, you will be equipped with the necessary tools to embark on a career as a director in the film, television and advertising industry. You will have earned yourself a versatile, artistic repertoire and a deep comprehension of yourself as a director. You should be able to be a creative partner for producers and scriptwriters and be able to contribute your own unique expression to both commercial and artistic projects.