Sound Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking

Sound students work both with sound recording as well as post production sound editing, foley, ADR and the like. The Norwegian Film School emphazises the application of sound as a key storytelling element.

  • Location Lillehammer
  • Programme length 3 years
  • ECTS 180
  • Language Norwegian (Scandinavian)

The sound person is responsible for all audio recordings during production as well as creating a soundtrack that supports and expands the film's expressive universe. Sound is a vital part of the movie experience, and the sound designer’s task is to make sure that the director's vision is communicated and enhanced through the soundtrack.

The programme will provide you with the necessary insight into sound engineering and acoustic theory, dramaturgy, storytelling techniques, music, and general understanding of the role of the soundtrack in the audio-visual story. Collaboration with other professional functions such as direction, script, photo, editing, scenography, and producing is emphasised. At the same time, the education focuses on the importance of developing your personal voice and ability to develop creative ideas.

Career prospects

The goal is that after graduation you will be prepared and possess the skills to work with sound on professional and artistic audio-visual productions — in film/TV, in a post-production facility or as a freelance sound designer.