Producing Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking

At the Norwegian Film School, producers are trained both to be creative collaborators and leaders of a film team, and to understand the economic and legal aspects of filmmaking as well as financing, marketing, distribution, and more.

  • Location Lillehammer
  • Programme length 3 years
  • ECTS 180
  • Language Norwegian (Scandinavian)

The producer has the overall organizational and financial responsibility for a film production. As a producing student you will learn to lead the creative and organizational development of a project. You will be responsible for ensuring the creative collaboration in any given project works optimally, and follow the production from its genesis, all the way to viewing and distribution.

The producing programme provides training for creative producers, with a focus on the following main topics: development, production, accounting, budget and finance, law, marketing, distribution and sales. The programme is designed to show the context and interaction between these different areas.

The BFA covers the entire production process from the original idea to the finished film, as well as its introduction to the audience and the market.

Career prospects

After graduating, producing students will understand the resources and efforts necessary to complete a given production, and should be able to work as producers in established production companies as well as develop and realize their own projects. You will be a valuable partner for directors and scriptwriters and able to hire and lead a creative team.

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