Scenography Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking

At the Norwegian Film School, scenogaphy students will learn to develop as visual artists bringing their abilities to serve the story being told. They will work both on location and in the studio, and collaborate closely with directors, producers, cinematographers, VFX designers.

  • Location Lillehammer
  • Programme length 3 years
  • ECTS 180
  • Language Norwegian (Scandinavian)

The scenographer is responsible the creation of the visual universe for the story, and works closely with the director, cinematographer, and visual effects designer in the creation, planning, and implementation of the story’s visual concept.

In order to achieve this, scenographers learn a variety of techniques including the construction of sets in the studio, use of locations, props, graphics, SFX, and more. As a scenographer you must possess a combination of visual creativity and the ability to plan and execute complex work.

During the course of your studies, you will acquire a working methodology that will make you a creative collaborative partner, technically skilled professional manager, and a motivational work supervisor. You will learn to communicate and use tools such as photography, drawing, models and other visual instruments, as well as acquire basic knowledge in art and architecture history.

Career prospects

As a graduate of the scenography programme, you should be able to create an artistic vision and lead a creative team in your field, in the film and the television industry. You will be a creative collaborative partner for cinematographers, visual effects designers, directors, and producers.