Screenwriting Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking

The Norwegian Film School screenwriting BFA trains writers both to be original creators of content as well as collaborators for directors and producers.

  • Location Lillehammer
  • Programme length 3 years
  • ECTS 180
  • Language Norwegian (Scandinavian)

As a screenwriter, you are responsible for the development of the script, the foundation of the audiovisual story. It is here that the characters, the settings and storyworld, and the plot are portrayed.

Upon completion of the programme, the screenwriting student will have developed the skills to effectively collaborate with directors and producers as well as developing independent story ideas. The programme consists of discipline-specific workshops, writing assignments, cases studies and the like as well as a number of production exercises in collaboration with the other disciplines.

Career prospects

After graduation, you will be prepared to embark on a professional career as a scriptwriter in the film and television industry. You will have earned yourself a versatile, artistic repertoire and a deep comprehension of yourself as scriptwriter. You will have acquired knowledge that will enable you to handle different genres and formats, and you will have become a valuable and creative partner for directors, producers, and co-authors.